Dirk’s Five

Themed lists of films – 4 hot, 1 not.

We look forward to seeing your alternatives.


Motivational Speeches


Coen Moments

British Film Double Acts

Canned Classics

Herrmann Scores!!

Cover Ups!


Heist disguises

Daft Computers

Men in Monster Suits


Confined Spaces

Weirdos with Beards


Were-Wide Web

Child Actors

Hitch Cameos



Severed Heads

One Letter Wonders

It’s a Jungle out there!

Creepy Kids

Stop Press

Best Picture Oscar since 1977

Forbidden Cinema

Being Boring

Future Games

‘The Beat’ Goes On

British New Wave



Fincher’s Titles

Ernest Borgnine

Goodfellas Goodbits

Karloff the Uncanny

The Rise of the Machines

Hong Kong

Road Movies

The Dirk’s Five with no Name

Annie Hall

Brush up yer Hamlet

The Cinema of Adam and Steve

2000 AD Pitches

Woodython Five (1): The Early Funny Films

There is nothing like the Dame

Moff Toykin

The Fab Four Five (Part One)

The Fab Four Five (Part Two): The Solo Years

Woodython Five (2): Eurotrash

Harryhausen Creature Preacher

Woodython Five (3): Crimewave

High Faces

Woodython Five (4): Mia

Woodython Five (5): The Early Years

It’s Not Paranoia

Woodython Five (6): New York Stories

Woodython Five (7): Show Business

Hustlers, Grifters, Shills and Marks

Woodython Five (8): Writers and Writers


Woodython Five (9): Woody’s Women

Woodython Five (10): Sound and Vision

The Muppets

Woodython Five (11): For Hire


Andie MacDowell – an appreciation

Woodython Five (12) Woody’s Round Up!

Gotta Mitchum All

Pup Fiction

Say it again Sam

How do you solve a problem like Mike Leigh (ah)?

Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?

Cinema on the Radio

Going Postal

Rik Mayall

Extreme Camping

It’s a Long Shot

Robin Williams

Richard Attenborough

The Art of Noise

Odeon Memories

What's your Dirk?

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