Starburst Memories

An occasional series of articles delving into Dirk’s archive of magazines, journals, ephemera, books, video tapes and internet links to illustrate some of the choices on the list and recent additions to the collection.

Everybody’s Tarkin


Home Entertainment

The Thing (From another World)

Cult Movies by Danny Peary

Barry Pickles’ Review of the 80s

Objects of Desire (Part One) – Star Wars Figures

An American Werewolf in London

Objects of Desire (Part Two) – Startorial Elegance

Caroline Munro

The Projection Room: The Hitchcock Season

The Projection Room: Hitch Intros

Horror Classics – The 7th Voyage of Sinbad

Star Wars Holiday Special

Star Wars Visual Dictionary

Little White Lies: Apocalypse Now

Visual Dictionary: Redressing the Balance

Vanity Fair – Hollywood Edition

The Vizable Edge


The Book of Alien

Rob Reiner’s Empire Classic Scenes

The Sight & Sound All Time Top 10 Greatest Films Ever Made

Loving the ALIEN?

Woody Allen: The Documentary

Dread and Superficiality: Woody Allen as a Comic Strip


Gratuitous Fantasy Females Sequel

Down and Dirty Pictures

Blitz: Review of the Eighties

Tired of reality?

Woody Allen on Woody Allen

Don’t Look Now, it’s Mark Kermode!

A Guest Post by His Holiness Pope John Paul II

Woody Flow-chart

Disney to make Myhr Rho Spin-off

Excalibur Poster Magazine

Revenge of The Jedi

Jim Henson: The Works

How to Write Groundhog Day by Danny Rubin

Robert Mitchum “Calypso – is like so…”

PROP 6You Talking To Me?

A Pictorial History of Horror by Denis Gifford

The Face of 1994: Christian Slater

She Knows You Know

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