Dirk’s Five – Birthdays

Today is Dom-Dirk’s birthday and in celebration, this is pick of films that feature birthdays:


1) Festen (1998) – Dad’s 60th birthday in uncles hotel – what could possibly go wrong? The first Dogme 95 film brings cake and hand-held incest together with startling results.

2) Logan’s Run (1976) – The life clock is ticking and when you hit 30 it must surely mean that Jenny Agutter needs to get her kit off. Saved by the ankh indeed.

3) Sleeping Beauty (1959) – A stylistic departure from the previous films with its faux-medieval lines and colours, this story of a princess with a cursed sixteenth birthday is a darkly enchanting and features the animated golden girls, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.

4) The Game (1997) – Michael Douglas gives a great performance as Nicholas Van Orton who’s father jumped off a building on his 48th birthday, when he reaches the same day, the wheels start to come off his life. A merchant banker tourchered for 129 minutes, what’s not to like?


5) Sixteen Candles (1984) – Molly Ringwald is the original ginger windger who can’t cope that her family have forgotten her birthday. A soundtrack that brings The Thompson Twins and Kajagoogoo together in an unholy-alliance. Watch PRETTY IN PINK (1986) instead!

Happy birthday Dom-Dirk!!!

One response to “Dirk’s Five – Birthdays

  1. Thanks Dirk, Birthday’s seems rare in the cinema, but one film that springs to mind is SOME LIKE IT HOT, When George Raft arrives in Florida to catch up with Jack Lemmon & Tony Curtis, his Friends Of Italian Opera decide to celebrate his birthday a few months early, however the contents of the cake does not agree with him!

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