Dom’s Alternative to Derek Malcolm’s Films of The Century


An alternative to Derek Malcolm‘s Century of films.

Introduction to Dom’s List

1) Reservoir Dogs (Tarrantino, US, 1992)

2) The Devils (Russell, UK, 1971)

3) The Seventh Seal (Bergman, Sweden, 1957)

4) Star Wars (Lucus, US, 1977)

5) Dracula (Fisher, UK, 1958)

6) La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life) (Fellini, Italy/France, 1960)

7) Lawrence of Arabia (Lean, UK, 1962)

8) Desperately Seeking Susan (Seidelman, US, 1985)

9) Gaslight (Dickinson, UK, 1940)

10) Don’t Look Back (Pennebaker, US, 1967)

11) Ace In The Hole (Wilder, US, 1951)

12) Gold Finger (Hamilton, UK, 1964)

13) A Christmas Story (Clark, US, 1983)

14) The Red Shoes (Powell and Pressburger, UK, 1948)

15) A Letter From An Unknown Woman (Ophuls, US, 1948)

16) Casablanca (Curtiz, US, 1942)

17) The Maltese Falcon (Huston, US 1941)

18) A Clockwork Orange (Kubrick, UK, 1971)

19) Listen to Britain (Jennings, UK, 1941)

20) Breaking the Waves (Von Trier, Denmark, Sweden, France, Netherlands, 1996)

21) The Thing (From Another World) (Nyby, US, 1951)

22) Duck Soup (McCarey, US, 1933)

23) 12 Angry Men (Lumet, US, 1957)

24) An American Werewolf in London (Landis, UK, US, 1981)

25) Psycho (Hitchcock, US, 1960)

26)  Wings Of Desire (Wenders, Germany/ France, 1987)

27) Visions of Light (Glassman, US, Japan, 1992)

28) Frankenstein  (Whale, US, 1931)

29) Die Blechtrommel (The Tin Drum) (Schlondorff, West Germany, Yugoslavia, Poland, France, 1979)

30) L’Avventura (Antonioni, Italy, France, 1960)

31) Citizen Kane (Welles, US, 1941)

32) L.A. Confidential (Hanson, US, 1997)

33) Weekend (Godard, France, 1967)

34)Bad Day At Black Rock (Sturges, US, 1955)

35) Goodfellas (Scorsese, US, 1990)

36) Queen Christina (Mamoulian, US, 1933)

37) Quatermass and The Pit (Ward Baker, UK, 1967)

38) Saving Private Ryan (Spielberg, US, 1998)

39) High Noon (Zinnermann, US, 1952)

40) The Terminator (Cameron, US, 1984)

41) Mulholland Drive (Lynch, US, 2001)

42)  Night Of The Demon AKA Curse Of The Demon (Tourneur,UK,1957)

43) Annie Hall (Allen, US, 1977)

44) The Red Balloon (Lamorisse, France, 1955)

45) A Hard Day’s Night (Lester, UK, 1964)

46) Don’t Look Now (Roeg, UK, 1973)

47) The Wicker Man (Hardy, UK, 1973)

48) The Return of The Jedi (Marquand, US, 1983)

49) The Godfather Part II ( Coppola, US, 1974)

50) The Searchers (Ford, US, 1956)

51) The Wild Bunch (Pekinpah, US, 1968)

52) The Silence of The Lambs (Demme, US, 1991)

16 responses to “Dom’s Alternative to Derek Malcolm’s Films of The Century

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  2. DOM’s list has been subject to an administrative cock up.

    There is one film missing – can you spot which one?

    And, there is another glaring error – can the sharp-eyed proof readers spot it?

    No prizes. Just for fun.

    Promise to put things right soon!

  3. I noticed that the number under the categories on the right-hand side of the page didn’t reconcile with the number on the list.

    La Dolce Vita is missing and the numbering goes to cock after 22.

    I’ll put it right.

    Ah the joys of double-entry. It’s a good job that you are not in a job that requires you to spot these things Dom.

  4. There has been the promise of no less than 3 pieces from Dom for next month. I trust that you will exert your influence over the weekend to ensure that the pieces are delivered!

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  6. Those readers who are desperate for a bit of Dom Dirk, will need to be patient for a little longer. I have been assured that the pieces are on the way, but are currently subject to Dom’s strict, New Yorker style fact checking.

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