Dirking About … Dirk’s Film School


I invited readers to vote for the next Dirk Challenge. The polls are now closed.* The results have been independently verified. I’m pleased to announce that Dirk’s Film School is the clear winner with 63% of the vote. Sorry Mr Hitchcock, I’ll have to force feed myself on your abundant filmography some other time.

Dirk’s Film School is open for business and seeking willing students to enrol on what promises to be an illuminating insight into the ideas that shaped cinema. I hope you’ll join in.


Alongside the usual features and lists there will be a weekly ‘Film Class’ featuring a discussion about the ‘idea’ under scrutiny. For each class there will be a number of examples to illustrate the topic and one ‘main feature’ which is an exemplar of the idea under discussion. Professor Dom-Dirk will select four topics from David Parkinson’s 100 Ideas That Changed Film.

This month’s selections have been selected and the following films are the ‘Main Features’. I have put the times when I will be watching them too so you can keep in touch on twitter.

B-Movies: 9th April THE MASQUE OF RED DEATH (1964)

Slapstick: 16th April THE FINISHING TOUCH (1928)

Close-Up: 23rd April THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC (1928)

Point-of-view Shots: 30th April IN THE CITY OF SYLVIA (2007)

The post will follow shortly – there may also be some guest contributions – please join in the discussion. If you take part you will qualify for a Dirk Diploma in April 2015.

Pens at the ready …

– Dirk Malcolm

* Please do not vote as your vote will no longer be counted, but you will not be charged. The vote is not available to those readers on Dirk +1.

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