Dirking about … 2014 Dirk Challenge

As the sun sets on 12 months of Woody Allen, I need a new challenge; something that will motivate me to get up in the morning and to face the humdrum banalities of life.

I have two challenges on offer and I am going to open the polls and allow you, the Dirk reading public, to decide on what you would prefer. The last poll was so overwhelmingly decisive, how can this new-found obsession with democracy fail?

Dirk’s Film School


Based on David Parkinson’s 100 IDEAS THAT CHANGED FILM and inspired by the rather wonderful Harry’s Homemade MA, this is a week-by-week course that will explore some of the key concepts of film. More importantly, each post will include examples, and a main feature to support the discussion.

I like this idea as it will push me into corners of film history that my post-Star Wars list does not touch.


Annex - Hitchcock, Alfred_06

Can I watch all of the (available) films that were directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 12 months? This will presented in a series of Hitch Five’s. There will be supporting Starburst Memories pieces too as I have many books and magazines in the Hitch archives.

I like this idea as it will make sure that I read those many books that have not been moved from my shelf for years.

I was going to title this one a ‘Cockathon’ but thought that it would attract the wrong sort.

Please vote! Polls close on 28th March and the challenge starts in April!

6 responses to “Dirking about … 2014 Dirk Challenge

    • You’re welcome and thanks for your kind piece on your site.

      Love the work that you’ve done around PARTIE DE CAMPAGNE – more power to your (stedi-camed) elbow!

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