Dirking about … The best posts of 2013


We three Dirks of Bolton are, one in a taxi, one in a car, one on a scooter (blowing his hooter) have had an epiphany.

Sometimes it’s a struggle to squeeze some posts into the categories and themes that we have set up here at The Dirk Malcolm Alternative. Sure, we have lots of lists, lots of Dirk Fives and plenty nostalgic Starburst Memories to explore, but where can we slot our general pithy comments? We have good pith.

New for 2014, we have created Dirking About … for general editorial comment about film, lists and memories (and other stuff that doesn’t really fit anywhere else).

We like gazing ruefully at our belly buttons, so for the first Dirking about … editorial, I asked my fellow Dirks to choose some of their best posts of 2013. We were all too coy to choose our own, so these are our picks of each others pieces.

Dom Dirk, went for:


A SEPARATION (2011)  – “an extraordinary film” it has had an additional irony, as Derek Malcolm suggested on Twitter that he would include it in his revised list of 100 films … so its Derek Malcolm’s alternative!

ANDY: Chimes at Midnight (Welles, Spain/Switzerland, 1965)

CHIMES AT MIDNIGHT (1965) – “A much needed re-evaluation of a Welles classic.”

Roof Dirk, went for:


A HARD DAY’S NIGHT (1964) – “stand aside Mark Lewisohn, what Dom doesn’t know about the Fab Four isn’t worth knowing”


FAR FROM HEAVEN (2002) – “an interesting dissection of Douglas Sirk and fifties melodrama”

My choices are:


WITHNAIL & I (1987) – Andy barely disguises his obsession!


THE WICKER MAN (1973) – Dom was 40 last year and so was this film. He saw the director last year too! I also liked how he restored the original Double Bill too!

Westward leading, still proceeding, into 2014.

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