Dirk’s Five – Heist Disguises

“There are over 300 bank robberies in Boston every year. Most of these professionals live in a 1-square-mile neighborhood called Charlestown.”

Dirk watched THE TOWN (2010) over the weekend, Ben Affleck‘s heist movie based in an area of Boston famous for breeding bank-robbers. Generation after generation have worked tirelessly to create the best disguises to boost Boston Barclays, whether its a halloween, grim-reaper masks, or a terrifying hockey-mask or the wonderfully expressive nuns-with-a-gun masks, they certainly have a great line in heist-couture.

It has inspired a list of the four best and one worst …


1) Clown masks in THE KILLING (1956), Kubrick’s noir, master-class in botched jobs as Sterling Hayden does one last job at the races.

2) Bejewelled carnival masques in KILLING ZOE (1993) Roger Avery‘s largely forgotten exploration of nihilism of a generation, in Paris, with vicious fighting.

3) A team of Marcel Marceaus in the under-rated brilliance of THE DEAD PRESIDENTS (1995).

4) A team of nearly dead presidents in POINT BREAK (1991) sky-diving Swayze and Keanu Reeves at his most animated as the rat in the house.


5) THE DOBERMAN GANG (1973) took the disguise too far. Let’s face it, a nice biscuit, and they roll over …

Hold up. What are the others?

2 responses to “Dirk’s Five – Heist Disguises

  1. Are you sure this post wasn’t inspired by this week’s Corrie? Jim McDonald tried to rob a bank so he could buy the Rovers, so he did. He went for a flat cap pulled low over the eyes, which is the in-look this season but sadly offers minimal identity protection. He’s been sent back to the ‘Big Hice’, so he has.

    You could go down the ‘Reservoir Dogs’ method of wearing a suit so sharp no one’s going to be looking at you face. I liked the bank robbery at the start of ‘The Dark Knight’ where behind the clown mask one of the robbers is in fact… a clown.

  2. Catch yer self on Andy. McDonalds Hiest was done across the road from where I work so I could watch the ‘action’ from out of the window. I have not seen Corrie for sometime, when I heard he was robbing the bank, I assumed he was going to be doing it from a wheel chair.

    At least he’d get a good parking spot for the getaway car!

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