Dirk’s Five – Marxism

Following DUCK SOUP, we have some choice cuts from The Marx Brothers.

Dom-Dirk has provided what he considers to be the best 4 Marx moments and 1 duff one.


1)      The cabin scene from NIGHT AT THE OPERA (1935) “You’ll have to start on the ceiling. It’s the only place that isn’t being occupied… (knock at the door) Tell Aunt Minnie to send up a bigger room, too, will ya?”

2)      The lemonade stand from DUCK SOUP (1933)

3)      The mirror scene from DUCK SOUP (1933)

4)      Crowd: Hooray for Captain Spaulding. The African explorer. Capt. Spaulding: Did someone call me schnorer Crowd: Hooray, Hooray, Hooray. From ANIMAL CRACKERS (1930)


5) LOVE HAPPY (1949) A solo Harpo film which is basically silent, it has a great scene with Groucho and Marilyn, but other than that, it honks!

What are yours?

2 responses to “Dirk’s Five – Marxism

  1. Sorry that this appears a bit sparse at the moment. It has been assembled by texts and furious thumbs on my phone. There will be some clips attached at a later date.

    Dom has been an education on the Marx Brothers as I know more about Karl as I was a bit of late-comer to their films. It was theatre that introduced me to them as The Royal Exchange theatre in Manchester put on Animal Crackers – which included some of their famous scenes strung together loosely using the story of Animal Crackers.

    I prefer Laural and Hardy as they belong to a British musical Hall tradition rather than Vaudaville. I don’t like the songs.

    My favourite joke from Duck Soup is when Rufus T wants to put up the Tax before the carpet – the tacks will have to come up before the carpet!


  2. Hello, I must be going!

    Controversially my favourite Marx Brothers film is ‘Animal Crackers’, however googling ‘Hello, I must be going’ has reminded me that it’s the title of Phil Collins’ 2nd album 😦

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