Friday Fives: Were-wide Web

The moon is waxing on the werewolf fortnight, this Friday Five rounds off the celebrations.

Dirk has been away on holiday and has returned suitably refreshed with an overwhelming desire to watch GINGER SNAPS and DOG SOLDIERS after the endorsement in the comments, as I have seen neither. I know, I know, call myself a werewolf expert and I haven’t seen these staples of the genre.

I could have lied and cobbled together my opinions from the various web sites on werewolf movies that are out there. There are alternative, alternative list sites and it seems that it is a common theme to pick favourite lycanthrope flicks, so this week’s Friday Five provides links to some of the best and one howler.


1) Movie Moron is a packed site of trivia, news and humour and his picks in 2008 marked a century of werewolf films.

2) Shapeshifter Emporium: Werewolf Movies and Werebeast Movies, not a very dynamic site, but comprehensive with capsule reviews. It reminded me that there is a werewolf reference in BIG FISH (2004).

3) No longer updated, is the absolute definitive listing database with a sparse description. It is so definitive that it includes Alvin and the Chipmonks Meet the Wolfman.

4) has some top tips on how to dress as a werewolf at Halloween.


5) “I’m all right nooooooooow!” This film from three years ago can be summed up by one of the you tube reviewers “just a retard”.

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