Dirk’s Five – Child Actors

One of the notable aspects of THE ICE STORM is the brilliant performances that Lee manages to get from his younger cast members. The film may not have launched the careers of Tobey Maguire, Christina Ricca, Katie Holmes or even the angelic, ginger, ‘little man’ Adam Hann-Byrd, but it didn’t do them any harm being associated with this mainstream-art-house drama.


1) JODIE FOSTER is the consummate child star of my generation, I loved her in CANDLESHOE (1977), FREAKY FRIDAY (1976) and BUGSY MALONE (1976) long before I knew of her astounding appearance as a child prostitute in TAXI DRIVER (1976). Who would have thought that she would grow up to direct Mel Gibson in THE BEAVER (2011)?

2) MICKY ROONEY made his name as Andy HArvey in FAMILY AFFAIR (1937) and in time became America’s answer to Charlie Drake.

3) HALEY JOEL OSMENT‘s greatest and strangest performance is the haunting AI (2001) Spielberg seeing dead people.

4) If I wasn’t watching Jodie Foster movies as a kid, I was watching HAYLEY MILLS in THE PARENT TRAP (1961) and WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND (1961) “It isn’t Jesus. It’s just a fella”.


5) I can hardly blame the wooden performance on JAKE LLOYD in STAR WARS:EPISODE ONE – THE PHANTOM MENACE (1999) as George ‘you can type this shit, but can’t say it’ Lucas must take some of the rap. Worst aspect to the performance is that he grows up into something evil: HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN.

Maybe one day, these will actually appear on  a Friday!! Hitchcock week next week – keep coming back for more – once the show has started, you can’t come in.

One response to “Dirk’s Five – Child Actors

  1. “It isn’t Jesus. It’s just a fella”

    They should’ve sent this lad into Waco, he’d’ve sorted it all out.

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