Dirk’s Five – Weekender

As the wannabe mancs FLOWERED UP fade away, its is time for Dirk to get fresh for the weekend. Dom Dirk and Roof Dirk have been holding a splinter-group screening down in that fancy London. Now I know how Roger Waters feels.

In the meantime, I have been preparing the perfect weekend festival.


1) THE LOST WEEKEND (1945) I have only recently caught up with this film since its release on blu-ray. Billy Wilder’s portrayal of a weekend alcoholic binge of writer Don Birnam (Ray Milland) who ends up trading his typewriter in exchange for booze. ‘Dirk the prog’ is partial to the theremin mix with an American spin on neo-realism – look, those people in the crowd are real.woooooooooowoooooooo

2) SATURDAY NIGHT, SUNDAY MORNING (1960) Surely the most frequent Friday Five favourite? Arthur Seaton living for the weekend is an illustration of his frustration and boredom. Fishing and drinking prompts an existential crisis.

3) WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S (1989) I know what you are thinking, “has Dirk finally taken leave of his senses?” but this day-glo eighties farce featuring Andrew McCarthy covering up the death of his boss is a VHS guilty pleasure. Let’s face it, it you had a VHS, a six pack and a pizza, you’d watch it. “He’s the life of the party… Well, Almost”

4) WEEKEND (2011) Lauded, but little seen British film which is a gay twist on the slacker classic BEFORE SUNRISE (1995). Russell (Tom Cullen) heads for an encounter, expecting a one-night-stand, he ends up with a relationship that is more deeply affecting. Check it out.


5) THE OSTERMAN WEEKEND (1983) On paper, it should have worked. Sam Peckinpah’s final film summoning big hitters Rutgar Hauer, John Hurt, Dennis Hopper, so how did it end up being a blokey bloke shambles. Shagging and violence and confusion – bring on Monday!

One response to “Dirk’s Five – Weekender

  1. I’m afraid the only film that was watched was half of ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ as it came on TV whilst hungover on Saturday morning! No one else can wear a safari suit with the same degree of casuality.


    It’s bad, but it’s not as bad as ‘The Killer Elite’. But more on that soon…

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