Dirk’s Five – Ernest Borgnine

In a prolific week of contributions from Dom-Dirk, this is an obituary Friday Five in honour of the oldest living recipetant of the Best Actor Oscar, until he died last month.

According to the Internet Movie Database, there are 204 Ernest Borgnine appearances, so there’s a lot of dross to go at, but I don’t really think that episodes of the Love Boat and Magnum P.I. count, do you? I only wish that IMDB was able to separate television and film appearances more easily.



Read my review here. Is there anything else to say?

2) THE WILD BUNCH (1969)

Peckinpah’s best film and showed that the western wasn’t just a young man’s game: “If they move, shoot ’em”

3) THE VIKINGS (1958)

Borgnine playing Kirk Douglas’ father despite being a year younger than him!

4) MARTY (1955)

This is his Oscar winning turn as a bachelor butcher. It is still the only film that has won the Best Picture Oscar and the Palm d’or.



Disaster movies belong to the 70s, so lets leave them there. I never want to see Shelley Winters climb that bloody Christmas tree ever again!

2 responses to “Dirk’s Five – Ernest Borgnine

  1. Last Friday it was Dirk Night and we watched THE WILD BUNCH. It has been about 13 years since I last saw it, during a period when you had to subscribe to get Film 4! I was struck by how the film contrasts youth with the old and life with death. In many ways it is a fable of New Hollywood.

    “Let’s go!”

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