Dirking About … Versatile Blogger Award Nomination


We have had an award nomination from BlackisWhite blog!

Its an honour that requires a couple of chores to fulfil their rules. I’m not complaining, but I am instinctively opposed to anything involving rules and effort. That said, Davide put the hours in, so it would be churlish not to reciprocate.

His blog has a clean design which matches his fuss free essays which are both personal and intelligently written.

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.


2. Include a link to their blog.


3. Select 15 bloggers you follow and want to pass the award onto.

1) Head In A Vice

2) vinnieh

3) Three Rows Back

4) Marked Movies

5) Ewan at The Cinema

6) Harry’s Homemade Film MA 

7) Projector

8) 2 Warps to Neptune 

9) Tim’s Film Review

10) Never Knowingly Underwelmed

11) Verbal Spew

12) Klappersacks

13) Linocutboy

14) TomGauld.com

15) Film: Take as Directed 

4. Nominate the 15 bloggers and inform them of it.

I think I’ll take Davide’s advice and have the attitude that, “if you nominate them, they will come.”

5. Finally, list seven interesting facts about yourself.

Interesting? Interesting? I can’t promise interesting, but here are some facts:

I was once an anonymous work blogger.

It was the runner up in The Guardian’s Best British Blog Award 2003.

My copy of the new Springsteen album arrived today.

I’ve just watched the penultimate episode of BOARDWALK EMPIRE season 3 … it lost me, then found me again, I’m gripped!

I got a kindle for Christmas and I’m just getting used to it, but it will never replace paper, ink and glue.

I’m starting to wonder if I’m getting too old to wear novelty t-shirts.

I spend too much time putting the politicians in order – I’m not sure which one I hate the most – Gove? Hunt? or Osbourne?

See, I never promised they’d be interesting.

Thanks to Black is White once again!

Dirk Malcolm

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